A la carte


Deep Sleep                                                            €25

Vegetable charcoal dehydrated burrata cheese, sweet salty, sour foam of stracciatella cheese , creamy basil and toasted bread                                                                        

Vegetale Beef                                                    €21

Fermented watermelon and avocado, goji berries, cold infusion of lime and karkadè, crunchy cashew nuts, dehydrated coconut with carob                                          

Una Parmiggiana di Saint Jacques            €24

Scallop in soy sheet,  zucchini “trombetta” fried , mozzarella, cream of Portobello with salt and toasted black garlic  

Sea combination                                            €24

Salmestra yuzu monkfish and reduction, Marinated wild salmon and pear, Scampi and fermented oranges, citronette with blueberries                                                                    

The Chocolate Goose                                        €25

Stick of foie gras with fermented pomegranate, Rocher of hazelnuts and foie gras, kimchi with red onion

France-Italy                                               €24

“Figs” Of  meat Chianina ,”Burrata” cheese mousseline with pepper, truffle”scorzone”  mayonnaise, dried tomato and vegetable droplets, olive sorbet and sprinkle                      

A Gouchos at the bistro                            €23

Asada meat Argentine style in double cooking, apple in pre-fermentation of sid, cucumbers with mustard, fizzy Cheese “quartirolo”, chimichurri gel                                  

Pasta and Rice

An enriched poverty                       €18

Pasta, potatoes, spinach and fermented mushrooms, Macadamia ‘cheese no cheese’                                                                 

A Brazilian in Russia                               €22

Plane dumplings in stroganoff-style cheek stew and salted ricotta                                          

In return from asia                                  €22

Udon in pacific ‘ciambotto’, icy peas, roast pork powder                                                          

Oriental roasting                                €25

Rustic carnaroli reserve, wild mussels, portobello, burrata cheese, Mediterranean caviar and turmeric                   

The pasta                                                   €24

Square spaghetti B. cavalieri, pumpkin and carrots from San Vito, raw red from Gallipoli, stracciatella cheese and dehydrated flowers

Vegetable Meat and Fish

Spring Rolls                                          €18

Rice puff stuffed with vegetable stew, purple cabbage with paprika, fermented tomato with sesame

The duck                                                      €24

Leg of duck, plum insert, daykon, demi-glace with orange and chocolate

Fisch Crock                                                   €26

Sea zeppoline with bone extract, red fruit mousse and basil

The Refined Hamburger                           €20

Lamb, pork, beef with guinnes caramel, lettuce, tropea kimch’i and fermented mayonnaise.

A Thai at the bottom of the sea           €28

Octopus escabeche with soy and red cabbage, toasted fennel sponge with lavender and oranges, sea water air

Gadus Morhua                                             €28

Balik of Irish cod steamed with basil, asparagus, trumpet courgettes and cuttlefish ink

Tamal Mediterraneo                                 €30

Washu wrapped in plantains cooked in ash, eggplant, corn, criolla and cruschi peppers


Sour chocolate                                       €9

Chocolate hemisphere with raspberry heart and candied oranges

Cleopatra’s spell                          €9

White to eat with Toritto almond, Florentine crunchy and toffee glaze

Childhood memory                                       €10

Turmeric internal vanilla Bavarian cream, crunchy kataifi cocoa biscuit and white chocolate glaze

Mont Blanc in a chestnut                €10

Chocolate chestnut with pears in cooked wine, burnt garlic ice cream and blackberries

Sensation of the East                                         €8

Yuzu ice cream, kumquat, ginseng powder and honey

Dear customers, if you have any food allergies and / or intolerances, please ask for information about our food and drinks. We are prepared to advise you in the best way possible dishes according to your requests.

Chef: Paolo Galetta
In the kitchen: H. Shakhe, A.Giacon, E.Barberio
In the room: B.Sala, N.Cipanui
In the office: B.Lazzari

* Product purchased frozen
ºProducts for raw use that are difficult to find, treated by us and then blast chilled at -36 ° (at the core -20 °) and stored at -18 °, to guarantee their freshness, in accordance with the provisions of Reg. (EC) n. 853/2004
Vegetarian dishes are marked with a symbol