But its operations taken together are so insignificant, a little chipping, cooking, patching and washing, that in an impression as grand as that of the world on the human mind, the result does not change.

We undoubtedly have no unanswered questions to ask.

We have to trust the perfection of creation up to this point, to believe that whatever curiosity the order of things has awakened in our minds, the order of things can satisfy.

Menù- Il Meglio senza Tempo… 

Cow’s Manzetta with Sichuan flakes, burnt vegetable stew, fruit and vegetable infusion and red carrot powder
Aubergine º with seafood, its crunchy skin, velvety with wild mussels

Sweet potato dumplings, peanut beer and crunchy Siu Yuk stew

Spaghettoº B.cavalieri, pumpkin and carrots from San Vito, raw red from Gallipoli, stracciatella cheese and dehydrated flowers

Duck leg insert with plum, daikon, demi-glace with raw cocoa and orange

Iced gianduia spumone, milk sponge, crunchy meringue and limoncello cream

Menu € 75.00 per person

Drinks not included

6 courses served for all participants at the table

Wine pairing 6 glasses

€ 35.00 per person


The condition of every man is a hieroglyphic solution to those questions he would ask.